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Index CFDs

A stock market index is a great indicator of overall market performance. Indices such as the AU200 is a basket of blue-chip stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

By trading indices, you get exposure to the overall market for speculative trading and hedging your current share portfolio. (Note: Speculation carries risk and you may lose substantially more than your investment).

Why trade Indices with Decode Capital?


Accessible & Affordable

Margins starting at 10% mean that you can still enter the stock market with ease

Contract Sizing

Small lot sizes from $1 per index point

Zero Commissions

Never pay commissions on any of your index trades

Hedge Risk

Balance your current portfolio by hedging using CFDs

Product Schedule-Index CFDs-Standard Account

TypeSymbolDigitsContract SizeVolumesSpread (GMT+3)Margin
MinimumMaximum (each time)
CFD IndexAUS200211100Variable1:20
CFD IndexSTOXX50211100Variable1:20
CFD IndexCAC40211100Variable1:20
CFD IndexGER30211100Variable1:20
CFD IndexHK50211100Variable1:10
CFD IndexJP225211100Variable1:20
CFD IndexUK100211100Variable1:20
CFD IndexUS500211100Variable1:20
CFD IndexUS100211100Variable1:20
CFD IndexUS30211100Variable1:20

Product Schedule-Index CFDs-Pro Account

TypeSymbolDigitsContract SizeVolumesSpread (GMT+3)Commission USD (per Standard Lot)Commission AUD (per Standard Lot)Margin
MinimumMaximum (each time)
CFD IndexAUS200211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20
CFD IndexSTOXX50211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20
CFD IndexCAC40211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20
CFD IndexGER30211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20
CFD IndexHK50211100Variable$3.50$3.501:10
CFD IndexJP225211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20
CFD IndexUK100211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20
CFD IndexUS500211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20
CFD IndexUS100211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20
CFD IndexUS30211100Variable$3.50$3.501:20

If you are looking for a full Product Schedule, please click on Full Product Schedule.


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