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Standard Account

Our fees for the products we offer are built into the price of the contract when you seek to transact with us. Because we deal as principal, the prices we offer you may not be the same as the market prices.

The price offered to you may depend upon a number of factors including transaction size, term of the product, our business relationship with you, the prevailing market rates and the differing interest rates applicable to the currency pair involved in a forward foreign exchange transaction.

Pro Account

The price offered to you for Products will be calculated as the market price plus any applicable Commissions. Commissions are payable on both sides of a trade, meaning at open and close.

We endeavour to be transparent about our commissions, so you are aware of the fees you will incur when you trade with us. This may include any other charges payable to the Company. The Company reserves the right to amend the charges and /or Commissions which are dependent on the fluctuations in the exchange rates.

Example of Pro Account Trade.

Your account has a base currency of USD. The AUDUSD is currently trading at a price of 0.7030 and you expect that the exchange rate of the currency pair will rise during the week, so you buy 100,000 AUDUSD at 0.7030 in a USD based trading Account. You will incur a commission charge of USD2.50. Four days later the exchange rate of AUDUSD has risen to 0.7050. You will sell 100,000 AUDUSD at 0.7050. For closing the trade, you will incur a second commission charge of USD2.50.

The difference between the price at which you bought and sold the AUDUSD: (0.7050-0.7030) = 0.002 Profit on the transaction: (100,000 X 0.002) = USD200 – USD5 = USD195.

Additional Swap fees need to be factored in. These can be either credits or debits depending on the currency pair and the direction you are trading. Refer to the Contract Specifications within the platform.

Instrument Specification List

You can find all the crucial information about all instruments offered within our accounts below.

Standard Account

Please refer to the attached MT5 Symbols basic setting-Standard Account.

Pro Account

Please refer to the attached MT5 Symbols basic setting-Pro Account.


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