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The Daily E-Mail Strategy has been set up in the early days of the investment plan.

Decode Capital 4 ways to take you straight through the investment channel.


MT5 is the strongest combination of market investment recommendations.

Reports are updated every 2 hours
of Market Conditions

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Investment strategy for more than 20 products in one account.

Conditions of Use:
Transaction account net worth of more than $1,000
To meet the above requirements, we will automatically send the account of the month to your email address, and use the account number and password in the email to log in to the report. Log into Trading Central

About Trading Central

Founded in 1999, Trading Central is the world's leading investment research and analysis organization with offices in New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong. Their services include providing financial market technical analysis to 38 of the world's top 50 investment banks, asset management companies and brokers. The company's original and award-winning investment analysis method has long been validated by many test indicators. The company's mathematical statistics method is applicable to most types of investment, from ultra-short-term to wave-based trading to long-term investment. They have more than 200 financial institutions and partners all over the world.
Certified members of three independent research suppliers (IRP) associations:
Supervision of the three market authorities:
Disclaimer: Information provided by Trading Central is available for use by Decode Capital customers, to help them formulate trading strategies and decisions. They are not statements of facts and do not promise any return or positive outcome in the future. Information and opinions provided by Trading Central are merely the individual independent assessments and judgements of editors and analysts and are for reference only, and should not substitute general independent research. Decode Capital does not guarantee the accuracy of the content of such claims or statements. All information and opinions provided by Trading Central do not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or financial needs of specific persons, nor do they constitute any recommendations or recommendations related to investment products. Decode Capital is not responsible for any negative results caused by any trading strategies.


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